• Jean Kottemann

With everything that’s going on right now what is the actual point?

I have to admit, it gets to me sometimes. The stress, the anger, the meanness of these “uncertain times.” I, too, get so distracted and feel like I’m continually hanging my head and ducking from the flying psychic debris.

In my head I know that exercise will “reset” me, that it is good for circulation, building strength, and it is a known stress reducer, but who has time or energy for exercise. What is the point when the very fabric of our society is under attack? It is hard to keep up the delusion that anything matters or that we can do anything about any of it. We are powerless.

But what if the sense of powerlessness is the delusion?

What if stress and uncertainty are a veil that distorts your view of own strength, that disconnects you from your personal power, they are Delilah’s scissors?

What is certain is that this is no time to wallow or have your personal power obscured by the enormity of the mess we wake up to morning after morning.

As I have said in so many training sessions, you are stronger than you can ever imagine. In exercise, your body (your gym) becomes a metaphor for personal growth. Our bodies are so adaptive that you can see and feel a difference from one day to the next. Exercise can be the subconscious reminder that anything possible and that you have the power to make real, measurable change, at least on a personal level. And if the veil is completely lifted, that is all you are ever able to do.

I’ve never been a fan of repetitive movement exercises, the rat on a wheel type of exercise. It’s like those types of activities are mocking the very notion that I can ever get anywhere. But in these uncertain times, if you have been sitting on a sofa stressing eating, they are a start. Run, walk, ride, do yoga, lift weights. It doesn’t matter.

How about this: Get up right now. Stretch your hands over your head, and then do a 1 minute wall squat.

I’ll wait.

Now. Feel better? It’s time to recommit yourself to the idea that you will use your body, your machine, to reacquaint yourself with your strength. These uncertain times need you strong. They need your resolve. Exercise reacquaints you with your sense of personal power, your strength, and steels your resolve to move forward without anxiety and fear. We have work to do.

There are many online sources, YouTube and Instagram exercise videos and apps that are free, including my own YouTube channel. Why would you just sit there?

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