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Holiday Survival Guide

Holiday office party

Fear not.  Just follow these ten fitness rules during this cray-cray belt-busting season:

  1. Do something active for 10 minutes every day. This won’t make up for mayhem, but will give you a motivation to keep you from it.

  2. Together with #1, or In the alternative, meditate for 10 minutes a day.  Stay grounded.

  3. Exercise. It’s so easy to let your routine slide, but since all it takes is 30 minutes once or twice a week, it’s just as easy to stay on track by doing metabolically demanding strength training.

  4. Before making your favorite party dish, take a minute to figure out how to shave off some of the empty calories without sacrificing flavor.  Years ago I learned that by replacing a few ingredients in my spinach dip and my punchbowl cake I could reduce the empty calories while enriching their nutrition and flavor.  Since then I get requests to bring one or both to every party.  And only I know they’re healthy.

  5. At social functions, taste everything!  It’s the holiday season, you SHOULD celebrate.  Just have bite sizes rather than whole helpings, and don’t have the same thing more than once.

  6. Avoid alcohol.  If you must (and only at special functions), stop yourself at 2.  Enjoying yourself Does NOT involve overdoing it.

  7. At holiday parties drink about a cup of water between drinks and trips to the buffet.  Use H2O as a filler!

  8. Be kind to others.

  9. Park in the furthest spot from the shopping mall.  In this season of reflection and celebration,reflect upon the fact that you’re healthy and able and celebrate that.  Imagine the spot you left open went to a little old lady.  In fact, this should be a year-round thing.

  10. While holiday shopping, pick up The Diet Fix: Why Diets Fail and How to Make Yours Work, by Yoni Freedhoff, MD.  No, you’re not going to read it now.  Buy the book and read it in preparation for the inevitable diet New Year’s resolution.

A lot of the above is just about being a little more mindful of your actions during this season.  Do that and everything else should fall into place.

Stay safe and have a happy holiday season.  When you’re done, call me and I’ll get you back on track.

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