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Q&A: Correcting Bilateral Strength Imbalances | High Intensity Training by Drew Baye

By Drew Baye on September 14, 2014 in Exercise, Q&A

Question: You’ve written a lot about intensity, advanced HIT techniques, training programs etc. but, correct me if I’m wrong, you haven’t written about muscular imbalances? I mean a situation, for example, where left hand is stronger than right hand.

Sometime ago I thought that my other hand was stronger than the other, but there was no significant difference, and now it seems that there either never was an “imbalance” or it has evened out, so to speak. I rarely do single-arm or single leg exercises, it just doesn’t “fit in my program”.

So, what is your view on this? How to fix imbalances, and how to properly detect them?

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